Студия с Вадимом Колодийчуком и Мариной Клим
Студия с Вадимом Колодийчуком и Мариной Клим Andrex Selivanov



In 2018, the was idea to build a modern television channel. One of the key decisions was to create a live TV show pavilion with several locations for filming and maximum flexibility for different projects

  • Project author: Andrex Selivanov
  • Producer: Andrex Selivanov
  • Integration: Andrex Selivanov

Work Result

A full-fledged broadcast channel 24/7. The staff of more than 100 employees. Infotainment format. A modern filming pavilion, a studio adaptable to projects, 7 locations, green screen - a virtual studio. We used the latest technologies of lighting and shooting equipment, the maintenance of the pavilion is 10 times more economical than similar projects in Ukraine. The transforming Decoration allow you to rent a studio for independent projects without the difficulty of returning to its original form.


  • Satellite ASTRA 4A — 4 000 000 subscribers. It covers the entire territory of Ukraine, part of the regions of Europe and the Middle East
  • Cable Providers — 2 500 000 subscribers
  • More than 100 operators, including the largest companies in the Ukrainian market - Volya, Triolan, etc.
  • OTT— 400 000 subscribers. OTT services — MEGOGO, OLL TV, YOU TV, DIVAN TV, TRINITY etc.
  • IPTV — More than 150 000 subscribers.
More than 50 Ukrainian IPTV providers


Andrex Selivanov

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