By an ordinary sunny morning to Roberts new, just bought Bently, gains unauthorized access man in a plastic mask with a gun in a hand.

The representative of celebrities, son of oligarch, thinks first, that it drawing of friends, but after two shots, Robert understands that became the hostage of mad eccentric person. A man in a mask, threatening a gun, compels Robert to break the law and provokes an action on dangerous. Doing noise in city, blowing up the car of one of big criminal boss. Robert for the counted minutes transforms from a successful young man in the real criminal and becomes a target for criminals and police.

  • Producer: Andrex Selivanov
  • Writers: Lubomir Levickiy, Andrex Selivanov.
  • Genre: Action.


Robert is a son of oligarch, he is surrounded by money, merriment, celebrities. But all changed today, Robert for the counted minutes had fallen down on the bottom of society, in fact life out of cashs and with a muzzle at a temple already not so wonderful. Robert will to see world from the wrong side to understand who that unknown man in a plastic mask and why this man requiring 100 dollars from him.

Movies alike on a genre, by tension and dynamics :
"Adrenalin", "Hostage", "Enemy of the state", "Speed", "Cellular".


Robert is a student of prestige university. Son of Russian oligarch who owned building business all over the world. Together with brother, Robert manages the representative office of fathers company.
Robert conducts glamours way of life, in anything not refusing itself. Even manages to exude between the rich children of celebrities and become one of the most enviable grooms. Once he meets a girl in that recklessly falls in love at first blush, but she from "other" world quite unlike on the brilliant world of Robert. When all laws did not work, a justice arrived at by mask and gun.In the morning next day Robert buys Bently and goes to airport to meet his parents, but on parking the unknown man in a grey plastic mask and a pistol gets to the Roberts car. After this time life of Robert collapses as a card house. A stranger, threatening a gun, pushes him on illegal actions, only for a few minutes making Robert a criminal.
Now Robert is pursued by a police at the head with a detective by Olga, she not always operates by law, her motto a "aim justifies all facilities".
Robert offers to the stranger redemption, that consents, but when Robert knows a sum, then it shocks him not less than appearance of stranger. Sum for that a stranger is ready to release Robert makes are ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Robert, not beginning to think, wants to give these money, but after this time, it would seem an insignificant sum, on a coincidence, becomes not accessible for provided Robert. Aggravates a situation that gangsters and police follow at Roberts heels . He needs only to hurry and make an effort understand, who this man in a mask!

There will be hot pursuits, sparkling humor and most important is tension from the first minute and to the last second of movie.

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