The Sky Corp.

On earth in all variety of forms of life, a man is her higher form, at least humanity considers just like this. But people are mistaken. Here in a "Sky" corporation the employees of two angelic agencies work "White" and "Dark"

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  • Author: Andrex Selivanov.
  • Genres: Crime, Mystery.

Conception of Serial

"Skies" occupy 7 floors in business sky-scraper (37 -44 floors). But here not all so simply, in this center the simple mortal only 36 floors are accessible to. the sky corp. Only angels and over force can get on these floors other even unaware of them. These "Skies" are scattered all over the world as police stations, but we watch after actions only in one of them.
It reminds an enormous call-center. Here work, and employees of this office, always boils are "white" and "dark" angels, accepting the souls and distributing their further fate. The department of the "Vexed Questions" has the special task. They investigate yet not happening suicides. For this purpose department every day "Tomorrow Newspaper" enters in that there is time, photo and description of future suicide. Task of "white" - to get off on earth and do so that to a time of Х, a man changed mind to say goodbye to life. Task of "dark" - to watch that all was within the limits of rules and no supernatural pieces. Here and our histories begin.


- Command of white reminds the little department of police

1OscarChief "Main", Good-natured per

ref.Oscar  The Sky Corp.

2RosieDetective "with character"

ref.Rosie The Sky Corp.

3TeoPolice operative 1 very handsome "guy is a clever man"

ref.Teo  The Sky Corp.

4KeepPolice operative 2 a jovial "fellow is a clever fellow"

ref.Keep  The Sky Corp.

5PinkeyComputer genius «pretty – hacker»

ref.Pinkey The Sky Corp.


- It is Command black anymore reminds serious lawyers prudent and mercenary.

1ClarieHead of department, beautiful Woman with cold reason

ref.Clarie The Sky Corp.

2BiggiDetective sullen, without sense of humour

ref.Biggi  The Sky Corp.

3PlatonEmployee 1 "squabbler is a clever man"

ref.Platon  The Sky Corp.

4AzapEmployee 2 "soldier"

ref.Azap The Sky Corp.

Chiefs in a shot appear rarely, for them absolutely identical cabinets, with the minimum set of furniture - table and pair of chairs, a difference is only a color for Oscar ALL WHITE, at Clarie ALL BLACK. One of the walls at each of them reminds bank cells ("difficult crimes" that not nearly look like other are kept in them). Every day (series) this new adventure on the rescue of somebody's yet living human soul.

Additional storylines

  • Relations of Rosie and Тео
  • Unreciprocated love of Platon to Pinkey
  • Fight for the "souls"
  • Rivalry with other departments of "Skies" - such as for "slaughter", "VIP", "internal investigations"

"End of Times" Meter - this enormous board, showing the amount of good and evil on earth, it enormous teris game in that thousands of geometrical figures are folded in lines and disappear at success "white" and vice versa piled up at success of "dark". The stop of "game" will mean the end of human race and apocalypse.

Parallel line of general plot - disappearing angels and periodically appearing "unexposed crimes" that can explain neither "white" nor "black" - id est some third all-powerful force influencing on their work.

Every series it symbiosis of vital history, detective with the elements of comedy, and sometimes and human drama.

Serie 1. "Superstar" - RockStar Nick decides to die, supersaturated by life of star.
Serie 2. "Love to the coffin" - Girl deciding to die losing a darling (lost soldier).
Serie 3. Not "born child" - the Expectant mother jumping off from a bridge, here two departments of the "vexed questions" intersect and for "slaughter", because the not born child is not suicide.

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