"Salt" after hard talk
"Salt" after hard talk photo Igor Prisyajny

"Smash" - on the story of Anton Chekhov "Purse"


"Smash" - it is tragicomedy about 4th young robbers that rob an underground casino. Deciding to divide a booty, they can not come to the general idea, at each of them have the plans on this bag with money.

Українська Українська Смеш на русском русский
  • Producer: Andrex Selivanov
  • Director: Lubomir Levitsky
  • Writers: Andrex Selivanov, Lubomir Levitsky.
  • Genre: Criminal, drama.


A plan is simple: to distract a guard, take money, divide them in the secluded place, but plan go to hell! We operate under a situation"!. From the beginning all going not right, although our robbers get money however, complication in that how to divide them? Against each other, brother against a brother


Two workers of public prosecutor take care of illegal casino, they amusing enough in the desires and require growingly. All changes when, the owners of casino find new "roof" and their services no longer need. Then these two decide to find those, who will rob this casino and will fill up their pockets, in fact they as nobody other is known when a cashdesk in a casino is most driven by notes. For this enterprise they find the funy company of young people - each have debts before the office of public prosecutor. Robbery, pursuit... That, how they prepare and rob a casino, causes a loud laughter though and, but however results in a moment, when they need to divide money. And here played off a tragedy in style of A.P. Chekhov "Purse". As we understand, not all will go out from this scrape unharmed, in fact by them both gangsters go hunting for with a police and persons interested to divide this snatch in its own way.

When Popov returned from a village with food, comrades hugged him with tears on eyes, kissed, long assured him, that he is a great artist, then suddenly attacked and killed him.- A.P. Chekhov

It the non-standard going near the story of classic A.P.Chekhov, as well as in "Purse" here are artists, but only these artists of criminal orientation. Certainly love and death, friendship and treachery interlaced here...

Comics (preface)

  • Artist: Okhotnikova Katerina

Camera, action!

This completion of history about eccentric four of robbers, that with two bags, доверху filled dollars, call at a night cafeWho wants to deceive, will be deceived! The half of these money belongs to the officials that gave aiming on a necessary object, they are waited for by our heroes. First all идет according to plan, but a few unexpected shots that thundered in a cafe turn inside out all secret plans on the amassed by robbery money of each of participants. Lounge cafe grows into the epicentre of criminal gambles.

  • Photo: Igor Prisyajny

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