Angela with friends
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Unforgotten Shadows


A few centuries ago bad fairies and other chimeras committed excesses in Ukrainian Carpathians. Then nine warlocks sealed up other-worldly evil spirits in Book of Shadows and stamped it by magic key - Zgarda.

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  • Director: Lybomir Levitsky
  • Producer: Andrex Selivanov
  • Writers: Lybomir Levitsky, Andrex Selivanov
  • DOP: Mark Eberle
  • Сomposers: Nataly Danuyk, Alexander Matienko
  • Genres: Mystery, Comedy
  • Budget: 877 000 $


From ancient times magical key Zgarda was in a safe place, reliably guarding included in our world from bad fairies. However by will of fate of Zgarda was found and passed to the university, whereupon life of some students changed forever. To save students and the descendant of the last sorcerer will be able to destroy an evil only last warlock - Molfar.


  • Dmytri Stupka - Vanya aka "Volanchik"
  • Alona Musiienko - Angela
  • Vlad Nikityuk - Zakhar
  • Bogdan Yusipchuk - Arthur
  • Pavlo Li - Vova
  • Marina Shako - Lyana
  • Roxolana Kravchuk - Julia
  • Sofia Galaburad - Ruta
  • Oleg Cyona - Blind Professor
  • Olga Sumskaya - Vanya`s mother
  • Valeriy Legin - Blind Guard
  • Yuriy Rasstalnoi - Molfar
  • Nikolay Beryoza - salesman
  • Nikolay Boklan - Professor
  • Vladimir Nechiporenko - chancellor of institute
  • Olga Freimut - news announcer



In the days of, when the forests from Ukrainian Carpathian, up to Transelivania, were overwhelmed with bad fairies and other mystic creatures, nine powerful magicians formed Circle of Power, to retain balance of dark powers. They were named Molfars. In distant times, when enigmatic murders in the forests took place how hardly not every day, Molfars, by means of ancient ceremony, captivated all dark spirits of Carpathians in Book of Shadows, stamping her by magic Zgarda. But from the carelessness of young witch-doctor, one of ancient spirits it was succeeded to be harboured at liberty and to begin a cruel hunt after a magic silver coin that until now is the only key to Book.

Our time. Twenty-year youth Ваня, student of the university, lives by ordinary student life, suffering from unshared love. But once, in the process of the next bringing in of attention of university beautiful woman, he becomes reason of disappearance of Zgarda, that was nine years back found in Carpathians and passed to the university as a valuable exhibit. After it on the bodies of him eight friends symbols appear, in exactness reminding outlines of magic Zgarda. A teacher that all considered a mad professor explains to the company, each of students has on itself a magic mark, and Zgarda is contained at one of them at a heart. Just like this she was kept by ancient Molfars and for this reason all of them were found with plucked-up hearts. In the same day a professor perishes under enigmatic circumstances. Vanya knows that only, who can extract Zgarda and deprive all his friends of participating in this dangerous history is the descendant of last Molfar from Circle of Power that lives far in the forests. Vanya persuades a company to go, but finally all consent after the second enigmatic murder. In the forests they are waited by the row of adventures. They must overcome the fears, stop an ancient evil and pass a test on devotion, friendship and love.



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