Professor Death
Professor Death

Professor Death

Professor Death - is an action thriller with the elements of martial arts, a symbiosis of movies "Final Destination" and "Blade" with mystic basis...

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  • Writer: Andrex Selivanov.
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Fighting.


Did not you begin to think about that, how death works?
That your neighbour can be the same Reaper?
In the daytime Adam Verona works as a teacher, and at night - as a Death. Night work difficult, and the bosses do not forgive mistakes.


There is a whole hierarchy of Reapers, in that Adam occupies the stage "night". Adam lines up traps for a victim in the list so that that one hundred percent parted with life. He has to take away the souls of both old men and young people. At some instant he assumes a rock error - a girl from a list appears his daughter and survives. It changes all afterclaps, now Adam becomes the aim of other Reapers. Strange adaptations for murder and impressive battles, here that wants a spectator in this film. Todd a main hunter on Adam, being his old friend, becomes his basic rival. Todd, in a difference from Adam, very "bad death", the work he does, enjoying.


As soon as a clock with the strange fretted pointers beat 12, Adam looks frighteningly as an enormous shade. Smoke shrouds his hands. Slowly he opens an ancient small box, reaches a papyrus, the sleeves of cloak appear from smoke, smoke shrouds Adam and farther, on a papyrus sealing wax stands with printing, she is very fresh, steam comes from her. Adam breaks partly printing and opens slightly a scroll, there a list is the last names, names, addresses. Smoke around him forms the last detail of cloak - hood thrown on ahead. Adam squeezes a scroll one-arm and takes other aside. From his hand, as a puzzle, strange adaptation gathers with a metallic clang, in a few seconds clear that it is a braid.

Every "death" possesses the weapon, and battles as the real samurai spectacle and showily. A film "Professor Death" is a bright kaleidoscope of fights and special effects. The structure of the film is such, that can have a sequel at a successful box office.

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