Invisible Light

Group of young people find out the specific defect of the video camera, that opens that not evidently with a naked eye. Every day running into the inexplicable phenomena, they are young, strong, fearless.

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  • Producer: Andrex Selivanov
  • Writer: Andrex Selivanov
  • Genre: Mystery, cоmedy.


We feel an inexplicable alarm often, sometimes it seems to that in a closet something watches for us, we feel stranger presence invisible. The command of young guys found a method to see what we are so afraid, investigating secret disappearance of man, they travel family-to-family, at times exposing to itself the terrible danger, fix the paranormal phenomena.


Jovial fellow Dimer (Dima) dropped the video camera in a pool, whereupon that could shoot video only in the night mode. Dimer taking camera for repair to his friend Owl (Slava), that studies on the electronics engineer, they find out specific defect of camera that opens intimidating possibilities. Pointing a camera at a wall, they see an inscription that is not visible with a naked eye.

Knowing that inscription belongs to the disappearing man, they understand, text found out on a wall is part of general message, they call to the acquaintance Lucy(Lyuda), she is considered to semi-mad, because she declares that hears voices of the other-worldly world. Katrin, a girlfriend of Owl, gives to them her car, and together they begin the way in search of answers, answers that they will have to get running into the displays of paranormal activities.

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